Meal Plan 11/12-11/18

Meal planning is a great way to help me plan my meals and my grocery shopping, keep me on budget, and remind me when I need to do what. It also keeps my recipes organized as I can link to every recipe I’m making for the week and don’t have to spend time searching for it.

Monday breakfast- Mini Omeletes

Monday lunch- Black Beans & Cornbread

Monday dinner- Stuffed Bell Pepper Enchiladas with homemade red enchilada sauce

*Tuesday is my cheat day 🙂 I only work (babysitting) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, so Tuesday is kinda my Monday. Plus my 3 year old has dance lessons out of town on Tuesday, so I like to make it as stress-free as possible.

Tuesday breakfast- cereal & smoothie

Tuesday lunch- whatever leftovers my mother-in-law sends over from Sunday 🙂

Tuesday dinner- Cheeseburger Soup with homemade Velveeta

Wednesday breakfast- fried egg sandwiches

Wednesday lunch- refried bean burritos with leftover beans from Monday

Wednesday dinner- Taco casserole with my own taco seasoning

Thursday breakfast- scrambled eggs & toast

Thursday lunch- Buffalo Chicken Wraps with Ranch Dressing (The wraps are inspired by this recipe, but I just use Frank’s Hot sauce on some shredded chicken, mix in shredded mozzarella cheese, roll it up in a tortilla and spray with cooking spray to crisp up while I bake them.)

Thursday dinner- Ashley’s choice- Hot dogs with chili and macaroni & cheese  (The 16 year old’s chore is to do dishes after dinner. On Thursdays, we switch! Consequently, dinner will probably be a lot less healthy & a lot more processed on Thursdays, at least for a while.)

Friday breakfast- Over-night No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal Mmmm so many delicious flavors

Friday lunch- Cuban Black Bean Soup

Friday dinner- Zucchini Pizza with homemade pizza sauce (I base my sauce on this recipe but use fresh basil, oregano, and thyme from our garden, but in much greater quantities than is called for, and I use minced garlic from a jar rather than garlic powder. I’ll put up a recipe soon.)

Saturday breakfast- We are getting family pictures made (Yay!) so dry cereal on the way

Saturday lunch- FFY (Fend For Yourself) Plans are crazy on Saturdays,so leftovers & sandwiches seem to work best

Saturday dinner- Stuffed Taco Shells with homemade taco seasoning (above) and homemade taco sauce

Sunday breakfast- fried eggs & smoothie

Sunday lunch- family lunch at my mother-in-law’s

Sunday dinner- We spend pretty much all day at my mother-in-law’s on Sundays until the pm service at church , and it’s nearly bedtime when we get home, so Sunday dinner is almost always FFY


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