Valentine’s Day Breakfast

I had plans. Great plans. Cute plans. Plans for heart-shaped food all day long. But as often happens, the best-laid plans of mice and moms….

Anyway, breakfast worked out ok. It just took longer than I thought, but we had heart-shaped breakfast 🙂

We had what I will refer to as heart-shaped eggs. I took a heart cookie cutter and cut out the center of bread,


then cracked my egg into the hole and fried the whole thing together.


Unfortunately, it was hard to see the heart by the time it was done, but that’s ok. I also threw the hearts in the skilled to make heart-shaped “toast”.


All the while, I was cooking my heart-shaped bacon in the oven. I tried it in the skillet first. It was even less heart-shaped that way. 🙂 (Sorry no picture. I was trying to hurry so Hubby could run off to work!) So our Valentine’s Day breakfast was heart-shaped eggs, bacon, and toast. Too fun! The kids loved it.


Love it? Repin here!


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Breakfast

  1. I wish every cooking experiment turned out just how it looks on Pinterest!
    Good job making a special breakfast. I think the bread cut-outs make it Valentines-y.

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