Wordless Wednesday: Valentine, you blow me away

I really try to cut down on refined sugar for our family, so it seemed hypocritical to send gobs of candy home with other kids for Emma’s Valentine party at school. So here’s what I sent instead πŸ™‚


It was super easy. I bought a 24-pack of miniature bubbles from Dollar General for $3.75 and created a heart shape with the words, “Valentine you blow me away! Love, Emma” inside in a Paint program. (I did have to do the words in another program first because it didn’t let me center them in paint. So I copied and pasted the words already centered, and it worked great. But maybe you’re not as OCD as I am. And that’s good.) Then I selected the heart with words already inside and copied. I pasted as many as I could fit on one page (which it turns out was 6 with the size I made them) and then printed 3 copies on pink cardstock. I was still exhausted from having been sick with the stomach virus (even though I was better by that time- just still tired from being behind on sleep), so rather than taking the time to cut out each heart, I just cut out a square around each hear and hole-punched that. Then I tied them around the bubbles with a little ribbon. It really did not take very long and was not very expensive. Plus, Emma loved having something different to hand out than all the other kids.



The kids were also supposed to bring a Valentine box. I remembered this at 11:30 pm the night before she was supposed to have it at school, so at midnight (when the baby had finished nursing and fallen back asleep), I dragged myself back out of bed and threw this together as well as possible. It’s just an empty Kleenex box that I covered in black construction paper and covered in construction paper hearts. I used cookie cutters to make the letters because I couldn’t find any stencils or stickers. And because I was super-tired so I didn’t look very hard. But by-golly, she had a box. I even saved the pink hearts on the very top for her to glue on with a glue stick in the morning so she could feel like she helped. I forgot to take a picture of it before she left for school, so this is what it looked like 2 days later after the party πŸ™‚

Love it? Repin here!


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