Orange Rhino Challenge

I just stumbled upon an amazing idea/blog on Pinterest the other day. The Orange Rhino Challenge. This lady decided to go an entire year without yelling at her kids. Sounds crazy. Sounds impossible. Sounds… wonderful. I hate yelling at my kids, and the more I yell, the more stressed and irritable I become and the LESS my kids listen. A year is an awfully daunting goal, so I’m going to pray about exactly what my commitment should be, but I definitely feel convicted about my lack of patience with my kids, and I think this challenge is something that could help.

Another thing I think will help is reducing my stress level. So I’m going to evaluate what causes stress in my life, and then change what I can to reduce stress as much as possible. Some things I already know: lack of sleep, enormous messes in our house, being behind on chores, rushing to get food ready, rushing to get kids ready for school/bedtime. So here’s some changes I’m going to make already. 1) Make my meal plan every month (or pay period) and ACTUALLY DO IT but be more flexible in case Jason or the kids request something different. That means that every day I need to make sure that we have what I need for the next day readily available. So before I start dinner every night, I’m going to check on the next day’s ingredients. 2) I’m going to start freezing some leftovers instead of insisting that we eat them ALL before I make new food. This way, when the best laid plans of mice and moms go astray, I’ll have something I can quickly reheat and still have dinner ready on time. 3) I’m going to stick to my Crock pot meal idea for dance lessons and church nights. That way dinner will be ready when we get home and I can get the little ones to bed on time. 4) I’m going to throw away a bunch of my kids’ toys. They don’t play with them all, and it makes more clutter all over the house that I either yell at my kids to pick up or pick up myself and resent that my house is a disaster area all the time. 5) I will make a to-do list so that I know what I need to do by when each day. 6) No games, TV etc (for me!) unless I am caught up on my to-do list and chores or nursing the baby. In the mean time, I’m going to be doing some research on biblical references to patience, kindness, understanding, and forgiveness. I’m open to suggestions. Any favorites any one would like to share? I plan to do a post on that at some point, but not anytime soon. I will wait until I know what my goal will be at least, and then do an update. If anyone else is doing this challenge or would like to do it with me, leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “Orange Rhino Challenge

  1. How did I not know you have a new blog?? I deal with yelling, too. And it’s mostly when I’m under stress. One thing about meal planning that I found helps me is I make a list of 28 or so meals that I’m going to make for the month. I do my once a month shopping to make sure I have all my bulk items. Then I just pick what meal we feel like for that day or that I have all the ingredients for. It puts less pressure on me. I also did major purging of our household items during our 2 moves this past year. I got rid of sooooo many things and I feel my house is so much better now. Anything I hadn’t used in the last 6 months went including clothing, kitchen stuff and decorations. I really like becoming more minimalist.

    • I like that idea for meal planning. I may have to try that out. And I’d love to become more minimalist, but everyone keeps acquiring more stuff 🙂 The girls both have birthdays this month, so you know what that means. LOL

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