Saw-It-Pinned-It-Did-It Saturday: Bath Toy Storage

My kids love bath toys. They just can’t get enough of them. And they want to play with them ALL. EVERYTIME. But I don’t want bath toys taking up all the room in my bathtub.

And those silly turtles don’t stay up.

Munchkin Bath Super Scooper Turtle

Hubby even tried using epoxy to glue it to the shower wall. Still fell off. So we stored the toys in the turtle and just laid the turtle in the tub when no one was in it and stuck it in the sink when we needed to shower sans toys. But I was inspired by to buy a tension rod to somehow get them off the floor of the bathtub.

For the Home

I couldn’t find any baskets to store the toys and was losing hope when I came across¬†this post which mentioned using mesh laundry bags to store bath toys.¬†And a light went off! I could put the mesh laundry bags on the tension rod and still hang the toys up. Yay!

If you want to do this too, just find a tension-style curtain rod with rubber ends long enough for the wall behind your tub. Here’s the one I got at Walmart.


I already had these mesh laundry bags from Dollar General that we put our bras and other delicates in before washing. They look kinda like this. You need one zips on the front, not the top.

So I cut a few strands of the mesh on the back of the bag big enough for the curtain rod to fit through. I cut two, each a couple of inches from the sides and about an inch and a half from the top.


Then just slide the curtain rod through


and extend it to fit on your wall.


And here’s the finished product in our bathtub a little closer up. Yay!



Edited 2/19/13: Do not use that curtain rod. It rusted horribly! I went back and bought an actual shower curtain rod that is working much better. I highly recommend doing that instead!


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